Larry: OK, so we'll need about two dozen hamburgers, 20 pounds of ribs, a cheese platter, 4 bags of potato chips, potato salad, and....what am I missing?

LH: 还能缺什么啊?你说的这些东西,足够我吃一个礼拜了!我说Larry,你到底要请多少客人啊?

Larry: There should be around 40 people here. It's going to be great. I'm so stoked!

LH: Stoked? 什么意思?

Larry: Yeah, stoked, s-t-o-k-e-d, stoked. It means to be really excited about something.

LH: Oh, Stoked就是特别兴奋,特别激动的意思。

Larry: That's right. I'm really looking forward to this party. In other words, you could say I'm super stoked! It's going to be so much fun. Aren't you stoked, Lihua?

LH: 怎么说呢?I'm kind of stoked. 我也挺兴奋的,不过Larry, 你请那么多人,等派对结束后,这里肯定乱糟糟的。

Larry: Oh, don't worry about that. You'll help me clean after the party, right?

LH: 啊?!还要我帮忙收拾?

Larry: Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I'm stoked about the DJ I hired for the party.

LH: 你还请了个DJ混音师?

Larry: Yea, he's an old friend from high school. He told me he's got quite a lot of fans around town these days.

LH: 我看出来了,这场Party人又多,音乐又是吵哄哄的摇滚乐,而我还得负责事后清理战场的工作。现在想起来我都头疼。I can't say that I'm stoked quite yet.

Larry: Still not stoked? OK, what if I told you that my friend Brian will be there? You know, the guy who is in charge of interns at the company you want to work for?

LH: 啊?Brian要来?我特想去他们公司实习,你一定帮我介绍!

Larry: No problem. I'll ask him to help you get the internship at his company.

LH: Awesome! Now I'm stoked! Larry, 让我们投入战斗吧!


Larry 和李华尽心准备的派对开始了,可是却出了点小状况....

LH: Larry, 牛肉饼烤得怎么样啦?我等着做汉堡包呢!

Larry: Not too bad. They're just cooking a little slower than I thought. I guess my grill is too small. It's OK, though! I'm still stoked for the party!

LH: Larry! 你看看,烧烤架下面根本就没有火!你是不是没有瓦斯啦?

Larry: Oh, no! You're right! What a bummer!

LH: Bummer? 你是说bum,懒鬼吗?

Larry: No. Not bum, bummer! A bummer is bad news, or something that makes you upset - like running out of gas when you need to cook for 40 people!

LH: 哦!A bummer就是坏消息。瓦斯用完,你没法烤肉, 真是个好大的bummer啊。不过你也不用着急,现在只有一个客人,就是你那个高中同学,现在很红的那个DJ.

Larry: Wait a minute. This music is from our DJ? This music is for little kids - I thought the neighbors must be having a birthday party for their five-year-old daughter.

LH: 不是,你听到的就是DJ放的音乐,他说他的专长就是给学校活动造气氛,所以用的都是儿童音乐......

Larry: What a bummer!! Ugh, this party is turning into a disaster! No one's here, I can't cook the food, and the DJ sounds like he's from Sesame Street!

LH: 没关系,只要你朋友Brian能来,我就知足啦!我可得好好表现,争取让他给我实习的机会! I'm really stoked to meet him!

Larry: I don't know, Lihua. No one has showed up! I was so stoked about this party.... now the whole thing is just a big bummer. (Sigh) Maybe I wrote the wrong date on the invitation...(doorbell rings)

Larry: Brian is here.

LH: Oh thank god.

Larry: Hey Brian, how are you?

Brian: Hey, Larry, good to see you again! This must be Lihua. I've heard so much about you!

LH: Oh, really....All good things, I hope.

Larry: Actually, Lihua is looking for an internship this summer. Do you think your company would have an opening for her?

Brian: My company? I didn't tell you, Larry? I left my job a year ago. I'm a grad student now!

LH: 啊啊啊?你一年前就辞职不干啦?现在回学校念书去了?What a bummer!