VOA流行美语|once in a blue moon和pull one's leg

Larry想和李华,还有她那些中国朋友多在一起玩儿,了解更多的中国文化。他们会用到两个说法:once in a blue moon和pull one's leg.

Larry: Hey, Lihua, there you are. I haven't seen you all day. What have you been up to?

LH: 我刚才跟几个中国同学出去喝珍珠奶茶啦,就是bubble tea!

Larry: Bubble tea, huh? What is that?

LH: 你从没听说过珍珠奶茶?我简直不能相信!

Larry: Haha, is it that surprising? Actually, sometimes I wish I could tag along with you guys. You know, so I could learn more about the Chinese culture.

LH: 真的吗?Larry,我还以为你对尝试新事物没什么兴趣呢。

Larry: Aw.... come on, Lihua. Even I'll admit that it's fun to try new things once in a blue moon.

LH: 啊?你说什么moon?

Larry: In a blue moon. "Once in a blue moon" means once in a long while or on a rare occasion.

LH: 我明白了,"once in a blue moon"就是不经常,很久发生一次,对吗?

Larry: Yes. I don't think I'd enjoy being confronted with new things all the time, but every once in a blue moon it can be fun.

LH: 你是说,你不喜欢成天被新事物包围,但是好久来那么一下子,偶尔接触点新鲜的东西,还是不错的。这样吧Larry,下次我们再去喝bubble tea的时候,我一定叫上你。

Larry: Sounds great! How often do you go get bubble tea anyway?

LH: 其实我们也很少去。We only go once in a blue moon.

Larry: Hmm, well, if you only get bubble tea once in a blue moon, what are you always doing with your Chinese friends? I never know what you guys are up to.

LH: 其实我们主要也就是吃吃喝喝啦。这个周末我们要去吃粤式点心。Have you ever heard of点心, dim sum?

Larry: Dim sum...hmm. Sounds exotic. What's that?

LH: 就是很多好吃的广东小吃!有锅贴,萝卜糕,耗油芥蓝... 有时候,once in a blue moon, 我们还会点凤爪 - chicken feet!

Larry: Chicken feet??? Yuck! Who would eat that? Lihua, are you pulling my leg?

LH: 什么?Pulling your leg? 拉你的腿?

Larry: No, I mean are you playing a joke on me?

LH: 哦,"pull your leg"就是开玩笑唬你的意思。可我没有瞎说啊,凤爪,也就是鸡脚,可是非常好吃哦!

Larry: Oh my goodness! Well, if they're so delicious, how come you say you only eat them once in a blue moon?

LH: 主要是因为凤爪吃着麻烦,好多小骨头,而且比较油腻,我怕长胖嘛!

Larry: OK, now I know you're pulling my leg!

LH: 我没有唬你啊。Larry,我们中国人吃的东西有时是比较奇怪,但真的很好吃。

Larry: Gross!

LH: 不喜欢算了,下次去吃好吃的不叫你。

Larry: Come on, there's got to be something Chinese I can do with you guys.

LH: Hmm, 我想一想啊,我知道了!你喜欢唱K么?KTV?

Larry: KTV? You mean karaoke? I don't know, Lihua. I don't really like singing...

LH: Are you pulling my leg, Larry? 上次我明明听见你带着耳机在唱Lady Gaga的歌!

Larry: That's different! I'm too shy to sing in front of other people...I don't even know your friends that well.

LH: 哎呀没事!Larry,你唱歌挺好听的!

Larry: Me? Sing well? Ha. Now I know you're pulling my leg.

LH: I'm not pulling your leg! 我说真的!你怎么老觉得我在糊弄你?

Larry: OK, OK, no need to get upset. You're right. I do like to sing once in a blue moon, but I don't know if I could do it in front of other people...

LH: Larry, 不是你要了解中国文化嘛?还这么多事儿。

Larry: I've got an idea. Let me start with that bubble tea stuff. I've had tea before. How weird can it be? I know you guys only go get bubble tea once in a blue moon, but I can wait. Why do they call it bubble tea anyway?

LH: 他们叫珍珠奶茶是因为茶里有很多很有嚼劲的小圆子!看起来像珍珠一样!

Larry: Really? And what are the black bubbles made of?

LH: 嗯...是用鸡脚做的!

Larry: Wow.

LH: 哈!Larry, this time I was pulling your leg. 这回我是逗你的啦!

Larry: Oh! Come on, Lihua...

今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是once in a blue moon, 表示非常少见,很久才发生一次。另一个是pull one's leg,是糊弄、欺骗某人的意思。