VOA流行美语|glam和five o'clock shadow

今天Larry和李华一起去参加哈利波特的电影首映会。Li Hua非常喜欢饰演哈利波特的丹尼尔.拉德克利夫,兴奋不已。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:glam和five o'clock shadow.

LH: 今天能见到丹尼尔拉德克利夫耶! 我的白马王子!!

LL: WOW. Lihua, you must be really excited to meet Harry Potter in person.

LH: 那当然,他简直是太帅了...

(The cast of Harry Potter walk out)

LL: Oh look, it's the cast! They sure look glam!

LH: Glam是什么意思啊? 听起来好像glamorous.

LL: You're absolutely correct! Glam means glamorous. It describes someone wearing fashionable clothing and make-up, especially when done excessively.

LH: 所以glam就是魅力四射的意思。那你又说尤其是用在过度打扮的人身上,这么说这个词有负面的意思喽?

LL: Not at all. Glam, like glamorous, is used to describe people who dress up in a way that they really stand out, but stand out in a good way. It is often used to describe celebrities.

LH: 原来如此。Glam是用来形容打扮华丽的人,而不是过度打扮的人,所以形容明星最合适!那太好了,我一定要学起来,等会告诉丹尼尔。

LL: I'm sure Daniel Radcliffe will be very happy to hear it.

LH: Larry, you're such a glam today!

LL: Uh, thank you? Why are you saying it to me? I'm only wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

LH: 我只是想练习一下!免得等会搞砸了。哎,我这么说对吗?

LL: Well, you said "you're such a glam today". Which means you used the word glam as a noun. However, it is an adjective, just like the original word, glamorous. So you would have to say, "you're so glam today".

LH: 我明白了,glam是形容词,所以我刚应该说"you're so glam today",而不是"you're such a glam today."

LL: Yup, that's right.

(The actors are slowly walking towards Larry and Li Hua's direction)

LH: 会看,那不是哈利嘛!哈利!哈利!

LL: Hmmm...slow down Lihua. Are you sure that's Harry? I didn't know Harry has a five o'clock shadow.

LH: 你在说什么呀!我说演哈利的丹尼尔来了,又没问你时间...而且现在才三点,别捣乱。

LL: No, I mean he has a beard. A five o'clock shadow is facial stubble, it sometimes describes a man's beard at the end of the day.

LH: 啊?原来five o'clock shadow是指胡子,就是男生一天下来,到下午五点就会长出来的一点点胡子, 所以人们就用five o'clock shadow来形容男生脸上的胡子茬子。

LL: Yes. That is correct. After a day's work, many men will have a noticeable growth of facial hair. Since most people finish work around five o'clock, it's called a five o'clock shadow.

LH: 啊,Larry, you have a five o'clock shadow too! 你今天早上没有刮胡子吧?

LL: No I don't. Do I? (try to distract Lihua) Look! Harry's getting closer, don't you want to take pictures?

LH: 唉呀!差点忘了。我的照相机...在...这!

(Li Hua zooms in to take a picture of Harry)

LH: 他真有 a five o'clock shadow 耶... 不过还是好帅!

LL: Ai, Li Hua. I didn't know you were so attracted to glam celebrities.

LH: Not all the glam celebrities. 只有哈利!

LL: But he has a five o'clock shadow. Didn't you say that you can't stand men who have a beard.

LH: 你是说他今天留胡子,所以我不应该喜欢吗!可是,他连留胡子都这么好看!哈利,哈利!!啊不对,丹尼尔!我都紧张得语无伦次了。

LL: Hey, practice using what you just learned! And tell him how handsome he is.

LH: Harry! You have a five o'clock shadow!!

(People turn around to stare at Li Hua)

LH: 等等, 我刚说了什么...

LL: Harry, she meant to say you are very glam!

LH: 哎, 真丢脸...

今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语,一个是glam, 用来形容一个人魅力四射。另一个是,five o'clock shadow, 指男人的胡子茬子。